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Jeff Wall. Jeff Wall’s large color transparencies set forth an imposing and seductive pictorial world. Ranging from the gritty realism of the city street to bizarre flights of fantasy, his photographs have won him wide recognition as one of the most adventurous and accomplished artists of the past three decades. Born in in Vancouver, British Columbia, where he lives and works, Jeff Wall has charted an ambitious and unique path through the maze of contemporary art, drawing upon such diverse resources as Conceptual art, Neorealist cinema, philosophy, literature, critical theory, modernist photography, and the venerable tradition of European painting. The exhibition includes all of his major works to date, which are reproduced here along with several very recent pictures and a generous selection of artistic sources, cousins, and echoes. The latter are illustrations to Galassi’s essay, which sketches the breadth and originality of Wall’s artistic and intellectual universe and challenges conventional interpretations of his development and achievement.

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Growing up in Tel Aviv, Adam began playing the violin when he was five years old before picking up the guitar when he was nine. Following a stint with the electric bass at 16 he discovered the instrument that would come to be most associated with him when he began studying the Double Bass. Adam began his musical career performing in jazz clubs and cafes and playing with several local musicians and ensembles.

He got his early break in when his upright bass version of the theme tune for the TV show Seinfeld [3] as well as his rendition of Michael Jackson ‘s ” Billie Jean ” gained viral success.

large color transparencies set forth an imposing and seductive pictorial world. Museum of Modern Art, New York, and Neal Benezra, Director, San Francisco The exhibition includes all of his major works to date, which are reproduced.

According to local folklore , it is located on the site where baby Moses was found. This was the synagogue whose geniza or store room was found in the 19th century to contain a treasure of abandoned Hebrew, Aramaic and Judeo-Arabic secular and sacred manuscripts. It is now divided between several academic libraries, with the majority being kept at the Cambridge University Library. Ben Ezra as an institution is ancient, and has occupied at least three buildings in its history.

There have been many major and minor renovations. The current building dates to the s. The founding date of the Ben Ezra Synagogue is not known, although there is good evidence from documents found in the geniza that it predates CE and is probably pre-Islamic. However, the buyers were followers of the Talmudic Academies in Babylonia , and Ben Ezra was a congregation that observed the teachings of the rival Talmudic Academies in Syria Palaestina.

Little is known about the original building. The original Ben Ezra Synagogue was torn down, “its bricks and timber sold for scrap”. Radiocarbon dating verifies that the wood goes back to the 11th century CE. Historically, synagogues have included a geniza , or repository for abandoned or outdated documents containing the name of God, since Jewish teaching is that such papers had to be stored with reverence, and then eventually buried in a cemetery.

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T OLEDO , once celebrated for the manufacture of swords, which made its name familiar far and wide in every battle-field, was no less famed for the production of quite a different kind of polished and sharp-edged weapons, which it once sent forth from its schools and universities, and which did good service in the arena of science and literature. Toledo, like a great many other cities in Spain which contributed to the progress of science in the Middle Ages, owed the origin and prosperity of its learned institutions chiefly to the Moorish invasion of the Peninsula in The rulers of the half-civilised Arabs, however warlike, were nevertheless not averse from luxury and refinement; under their sway trade and industry prospered, and science and literature awoke to a new life.

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The Walters’ Ben Ezra ark door begs for context

This place is believed to be the place of Moses as a child and where Jews celebrate their feast day. The Ben Ezra Synagogue is not easy to find on your own. The synagogue has been beautifully restored, although it is no longer in active use as a house of worship. According to local folklore this is were baby Moses was found. All this is from a time when we in the modern world could not possibly comprehend, less begin to understand.

Very stirring stuff.

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The Ben Ezra Synagogue is not easy to… – Ben Ezra Synagogue

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Rabbi Ben Ezra

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Restoration of a synagogue whose foundations date back to an 11th century synagogue which was demolished to rebuild the present sanctuary in

Exceptionally erudite, he was among the last creative geniuses of the Spanish “golden age. He also lacked the requisite skills for business or public office, and therefore was unable to make a living in the accustomed professions of his social class — as a rabbi, dayyan , physician, businessman, or courtier. For lack of alternative, he became a professional poet, supported by patrons who loved poetry and sought fame.

Ibn Ezra’s dependence on a succession of benefactors is evident in the exaggerated praise he showered on them in his eulogies. He did not, however, reach Egypt or the Land of Israel. His poetry e. Two of Ibn Ezra’s poems, which are written in the first person, take the form of a father Abraham’s elegy for his son Isaac, and refer explicitly to his death, but do not accord with the biographical and geographical facts in our possession regarding both Ibn Ezra and his son Isaac.

Ezra Fleischer’s conclusion, that Ibn Ezra wrote these poems about other deceased acquaintances and not about his son Isaac, must therefore be accepted. There is, therefore, no evidence that Isaac died during his father’s lifetime or that Ibn Ezra knew of Isaac’s apostasy in Babylonia. Ibn Ezra accordingly wrote only his religious and secular poems in Hebrew many of which survived due to their popularity , but his Arabic works did not survive. We only know of their existence because of references to them in some of his surviving works, such as in his Introduction to his commentary to Lamentations and in one of his poems.

These references indicate that his Arabic writings included both science and Bible exegesis. However, when he reached the age of 50, around the year , his circumstances underwent a drastic change: for political reasons not entirely clear, he was forced to leave Muslim Spain and arrived alone in Rome a fact to which he refers in the poem at the beginning of the Introduction to his commentary to Ecclesiastes, written in During the remaining quarter century of his life he wandered among the Jewish communities of Italy, Provence, North Africa, and England.

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