AT-15A Or 8.8 Cm Pak 43 Jagdtiger, Which Of These Should I Buy?

The tier 8 German premium tank destroyer Jagdtiger 8. Frontally most tanks at tier 8 will struggle to penetrate the Jagdtiger 8. Knowing this tanks weak spots is crucial to determine whether you should continue to engage the Jagdtiger 8. This is because the Jagdtiger 8. This weak spot guide will show you the best places to penetrate the Jagdtiger 8. Frontally the Jagdtiger 8. There are no cupolas on top of the tank or weak spots on the roof which allows the Jagdtiger 8. The mantlet area is immune to virtually all shells thrown at it and the superstructure area around the gun has mm of effective armor.

Jagdtiger 8.8 buff please!

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Wot Jagdtiger Matchmaking Related Images “Wot Jagdtiger Matchmaking​” ( pics): World of.

Jump to content. Hi all! For those of you who already have this tank, I hope you find this guide a good resource. For those of you who don’t have this tank, I hope that at least by reading this tank you’ll have a good idea of what you are getting should you actually decide to buy this thing. The JagdTiger 8.

Therefore, you get basically the same armor layout as a tier 9 TD, but with a much less powerful gun and slightly worse mobility and preferential matchmaking to ensure it never sees anything above tier 9 unless in a platoon with a tier 8 without preferential matchmaking or a higher tier tank. Note that because JagTig 88 and the “freemium” JagTig share many attributes, similar tactics can be used between the two.

Therefore, this guide may also offer some advice on the freemium JagTig, but be aware of the key differences between the two tanks. I also highly recommend that you do not purchase the JagTig 88 till you have already had the “freemium” JagTig or till you have gone through another TD line first, as it is definitely not an easy tank to drive.

Historic Info.

Jagdtiger 8.8 Matchmaking

Many years ago, WG started selling premium vehicles mostly tier 8 that would only see up to one tier higher than their own, rather than two, which would be standard. So an IS-6 tier 8! In exchange for that benefit, perf MM tanks were made kind of bad in some respects—for example, the IS-6 had a very low penetration gun for a tier 8 heavy. So when a pref MM tier 8 ran into tier 8s and tier 9, it was hurting. But against 6s and 7s it was quite strong if played well.

Wot – posted in the main characters in place of tanks preferential matchmaking confirmed. Looking for a tank results in the panther 88 preferential matchmaking table below and check out the Jagdtiger cm l/71 is a average win.

A few days ago several preferential matchmaking tanks received some changes on Supertest. Soon after the Community took to torches and pitchforks to show their discontent with these changes. Took Wargaming almost two months to let players know they have decided to back up on that decision and instead they will try to buff these tanks while keeping the preferential matchmaking.

Several tanks have already been changed but the following ones received further changes to make them competitive. Tank Nut and Gamer Wannabe! Huge fan of tanks and World War II history. Huge World of Tanks fan and by far, the game I’ve played for the longest time. If you like my content, please consider donating. View all posts by Harkonnen. I bought in when I make almost battles very op tank after a year it got a trash and now you want to make this tank unplayable?

These changes make the avg pen change too. It it also means that if the maximum pen is higher, you got better chances on penetrating a better armoured vehicle. Same for lower, it guarantees that you pen more too.

Jagdtiger 8.8 – Buffed! Review – World of Tanks

The 8,8 cm Pak 43 Jagdtiger is a German tier 8 premium tank destroyer. In , the production order for the Jagdtiger was increased, and the supply of compatible guns became insufficient. This Tank Destroyer is a formidable opponent on the battlefield as its main gun has excellent accuracy and an extremely high rate of fire for this tier 5. At long range situations, with the vulnerable glacis plate hidden and the robust superstructure exposed, this Tank Destroyer can become a nightmare for equal tiers to penetrate.

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But how do you play the jt88 these days? Of course many have said just go hulldown and mow down enemies, however I cant seem to find that many hulldown spots these days, and good luck doing anything when theres a defender coming your way. Personally I’d leave that tank alone for now. The JT88 was never really amazing to begin with but now it is basically obsolete.

In current meta, it’s very tough for JT It really did get powercreeped, the armor was sufficient, the gun was amazing to spam and perma track people. You really need to know the weakspots of other tanks if you wanted to hulldown with this, and when it did, it was great. But against the new premiums which, theres a lot and tier 9’s, just Now it’s even worse since anything will just tap the 2 key and go through your superstructure, it’s too sluggish to prevent heavies from circling you, and the new prems just laugh at pen not that the apcr is better, is laughable too..

It’s only useful on a few select maps, and you have to have scouting or support so you don’t get over run. Many of the newer tier 8s will pen it frontally where many could not 2 years ago. I’m callin’ it right here. I think they are going to slap the ferdi gun on it and make it faster. I remember when pen was already pretty good for a tier 8 pref.

Is It OP? – Jagdtiger 8,8cm (Premium)

This makes it ideal for hitting long distance targets or seeking out weakspots on nearly any tank you face. Know what your threats are. Sources and External Links. Meaning not only are you making creds, but your training a crew as well. The entire design was a fascinating and legendary one that eventually succumbed to air superiority, lack of experienced crew, mechanical failure, and lack of raw material or supplies to keep it driving.

Nation. Germany. Type. Tank Destroyer. Tier. VIII. Home; ›; Tankopedia; ›; Germany. 8,8 cm PaK 43 Jagdtiger. Premium Tank Matchmaking. Up to Tier. IX​.

Review — World of Tanks 59 Comments: justin jia October 11, at pm I started playing this again yesterday. Also it really rips low tiers a new one. The traverse speed buff is definitely nice though, traverses about as fast as a fat medium tank. I still say build the preferred mm premiums as tier 9s and have them be fill in for when tier 8 and tier 10s have to be in the same lobby. Yes, I did watch the video. I am well aware of what it badly needs. Yes, the Traverse is needed, but nowhere near as bad as the armor is needed.

I play it like the TD it is. I pick a corridor, and lock it down.

Tier 8 tech tree Premiums – the good, the bad, and the expensive (part 2)

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jagdtiger wot blitz.

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If yes, this is your chance to win gold in WoT! World of Tanks Jagdpanzer E gameplay duo, featuring a new damage record and an epic carry! No premium rounds were fired in either replay.

World of Tanks Supertest: Preferential MM Tanks Changes

Is the Jagdtiger 88 worth it? I just realised that the JT88 is on the tech tree. I always wanted one, since I am tired of my Skorpion G and my E I like them, but they get boring eventually. The JT88 has really good dpm with ok penetration because of preferential matchmaking. Its accuracy is.

Last but not least, it has limited Matchmaking of up to Tier IV. The downsides to cm Jagdtiger are more pronounced than its Tier IX cousin.

Compra grandes ofertas en eBay. Find great deals on eBay for jagdtiger and jagdpanther. International World of Tanks replay database with multilanguage support. Destroyed by a shot Masters6x WN8: 1 Tank Destroyers: Im thinking about getting a TD for credit grinding. WOT Stats Numbers players and clans statistics, rankings, transfers. Il mercato pi grande del mondo.

Weak points of 8,8 cm PaK 43 Jagdtiger

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posted in On Topic Archive: Hello there fellow W.o.T. players, since I cm PaK 43 Jagdtiger (Tier VIII German Premium Tank Destroyer) Special matchmaking (as of ) that makes tier 9 the highest it can get against.

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This means one is determined by the scout matchmaking jagdtiger matchmaking have to take on hot-bet. Wot’s matchmaker came in world of iconic glass.

Jump to content. Tank destroyers are meant to be good in their job. So it fits well to tier games and is not OP. After match check driver also and you usually see why it has so remarkable performance. Lately I have seen only good players driving that tank. I would be very happy to see how you win. Sebastian, on 19 March – AM, said:. Thank you although if I do recall I had an appalling play when I saw you hopefully see you online soon for a platoon.

HAHA I think they should bring the Kubelwagen in and bring a new game mode with it called “Catch the pigeon” I would love to see a bunch of really heavy lumbering tanks chase it around! Summarum, these are good results for me and the tank feels bit OP, but Elited Ferdi should do better, maybe it is the preferred MM that helps JagdTiger 8,8? I often sometimes get better stats for a tank during first 20 games or so – even with stock tank and then the stats go awfully down. I guess stats like WR give proper view only after higher number of games.

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8,8 cm Pak 43 Jagdtiger one of my first premiums!